Friday, August 31, 2012

NYC Part 2

What would a trip to NY be without going to see the lovely lady herself the Statue of Liberty?  Ryan had already lived there for 2 years and had never been. I really don't know what his dad was thinking...but whatever mom and grandpa rectified the issue.


Relaxing on the island in the shade because it was truly hot ...

One of the coolest things ..the guys from LA Chopper  made this from copper from the statue.


Then  Ellis Island
Dad said he finally found all his lost luggage

Gibson made this guitar out of wood from the original Ellis building and Copper from the Statue of Liberty.

Dad got a picture of me looking for the name Wernstrum

 and doing the tourist thing looking around...

This was  cool walking in to see this and imagine this was a room filled with people and this was just the beginning of your wait....

Good view tho...

my dad and Ryan thinking they are being funny looking like I dunno when it's our turn....

This quote just cracked me up when I read this. Imagine the look of authorities faces when they got that reply....I so see Kyla doing that..

The new New York skyline from Ellis Island ...
one more

This was another amazing day as there was another thing crossed off my bucket list. It was amazing to see this lady across the harbor and up close and personal, The feelings were overpowering and I am sure a lot of people felt that way. It's kinda cool when you think how many people had walked on the island and through Ellis. Makes you feel like you are a real part of history.

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