Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYC Part 1

Ryan had the fortunate luck of living 10 blocks from times square. As a first time visitor of course this was on my list of things to see. We headed out at like 8 am so it really wasn't that crowded out yet..

Can you see it?

Here it is...I couldn't believe this thing is out year round. I thought it was cool I have finally seen the ball!

I had no intention of stopping in the Times Square Toys R Us but Ryan was mom I have to show you something in there. I gave in and I walked in to see this...
 I didn't ride it and I did a few pics of some of the cars but wow really a FERRIS WHEEL!  So this is what Ryan was dying to show me...

Bit of history Ryan since birth has been a dino fan...he has been a Jurassic Park fan since it came out. We once even offered Universal Studios $500 dollars for a stroller that looked like the jeeps in the movie because he cried when we had to leave it. This is the dino that was in FAO Schwartz in Las Vegas, where he was born.

This Picture just kills me all I can think of is video really did kill the radio star...

After hitting times square I made Ryan take me to central park because seeing the Alice in Wonderland Statue was on my bucket list.  Can you guess which building  I forgot was there? I was really excited to see it when I did....
did you guess? Here's a hint I am the gatekeeper...LOL Dana's apartment building in Ghostbusters! So cool.
Then I got to see the Conservatory Water wherethe boat race for Stuart Little took place ..


Of course you can't go into Central park without walking through Strawberry Fields , From this spot where this memorial is you can see the apartment building where John Lennon lived and got shot in front of. 

There it is the funky statue...cross it off the bucket list SCORE! If you look behind the statue you can see a body, that's how big this thing is.
 This was in front of the world trade center when it collapsed and they moved it to a park in front of the boats to get to the Statue of Liberty as a memorial.

 Then of course we saw the big important buildings NY Stock Exchange...

Empire State Building...

then of course I went to the new World Trade Memorial, They took no time getting the new buildings up. 

 This was by far the most touching part of New York because Pictures do not show you how tight those buildings are together. and when you think of the blast waves and collapse waves and the amount of people there it makes you think how devastating it truly was there in New York that day. 

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