Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Graduation Day

June 30th was by far one of the proudest and saddest days of my life. Ryan's graduation. You know, when you first have kids it seems like teen years and stuff like that are a long ways off. You long for days when your kids are independent, then your there and you wonder where the time all went. Ok enough no tears will be shed by just sharing this NOPE NOPE NOPE!

So here is the hall where the graduation took place, LOL I was playing with the landscape settings of my camera.

Ryan actually getting his diploma...

I had the presence of mine to record it!

His walk after graduation..
After the ceremony imagine my surprise to see my son hanging out with his girlfriend...Robert didn't prepare me for that. She's a nice girl though and her family loved my dad LOL.
The proud Grandpa and my son...

Yup I made him pose with me too...

Ryan and his dad I know they look a lot alike huh?

Ryan's adviser. Ryan wasn't there when this school first started with his class as freshmen. Behind their diplomas  was a letter the grads had written to themselves as freshmen. She wanted Ryan to be part of it and wrote him a very touching letter.

My brothers flight was late so we had to get a picture with him when he arrived at last.

For hid dinner we headed out to Ryan's favorite place to eat ..
 I just love how you get the waiters attention if you didn't need anything you leave the sign on run ...if you need them you flip it to stop! So funny.
 There it is the day I thought I was dreading for years ...turns out the day I was actually dreading was the day his dad left him at college. I cried for hours uncontrollably and I was a hot mess. Now I just have to get through this 2 more times.

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