Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's been a cruel Cruel summer.

Yup I am finally getting a chance to kind of catch my breath and catch up on things. Not 100% done with things because school starts on the 5th so still have stuff to do for that and work has tripled my hours ( not complaining there) so time has been precious. I have been slacking so bad I didn't get many birthday pics of the 3 birthdays this month. I have had a lot of visitors ( I guess no one wants to visit Texas.) and a few fun things. One major sad life event in that my bestest moved back to Texas. But on the bright side is working on starting a blog!  So excited for that adventure. So I am going to be doing some more postings if it kills me and honestly thinking about revamping my  blog look and name even, Would it throw you off? Let me know if it would be a welcome change.

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