Monday, June 4, 2012

Under ongoing thing

 Another thing we have done in the last few months is to finally get some decent shelving in my Master bedroom. Just to give you a refresher here is what it looked like before..

Empty, then what it looked like with what little furniture we had in our room. My does it look rejected or what? 2 trips to IKEA and here is what my room looks like now...

I can honestly say we are happy with it. We went with the billi line and I still want to get doors on 2 of my shelves to "hide" my clothes. I even have empty shelves that need filling but not quite sure with what yet. For now they are catch alls for my random stuff. I think as time goes on I will figure it out, but for now it's come in handy to hold all the fun stuff from my surgery.  I even managed to get curtains up! I am pretty sure those will change, but until I find curtains that jump at me I like them.  We're happy with the wall color in here so that's not likely to change soon so now its just finding things to hang on the walls in here.There won't be winning any decorating awards in my future for it but it's perfect for us!
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