Monday, March 5, 2012

Walking Dead Updates...SPOILERS and LONG

LOL sorry obscure Dr. Who reference in a zombie post ....Well, I must have my geek on. With 2 more episodes to go in the 2nd season, I realized I have not said enough on the show. 

Let's start with the obvious recent comments on AMC's blog about the show being too drama filled and not enough zombie action to keep people coming back for season 3.  In this geek gurls opinion, it's needed. You need to see the drama of life in those type of situations. It's building us up, the characters have to grow. This is not a 2 hour movie. We need to understand how the characters get to the breaking point and wind up making the decisions that they do. ( Besides not enough zombie action...O MY GOODNESS ONE OF THE ZOMBIES ATE A GUYS FACE! I MEAN REALLY PEOPLE!)  Ya it sucks sometimes, but even Kirkman in the front of the first Walking Dead graphic novel states this is a story about the survivors, he is not out to scare us. The best zombie movies to him are the ones that make us question our positions in society. He wants to show us the progression or even decline of people in these situations, and most of all he wants us to put ourselves , our friends and family in this situation and think long and hard about our own personal reactions. I think he is doing just that in the tv show, I mean after all if you read the comics, you know there is no way the censors would allow half of that on tv!

Let's move on to everyone's favorite topic of Shane....

ok not everyone's. Not this gurl's by a long shot but it needs to be said. Here comes the spoiler....
if you were visiting AMC's webstore sometime last  Thursday they had a preorder up for season 2 dvd's release. Guess what was on one of the bonus features?  A title of Shane's last episode.....Yup we haven't seen him die yet but it was there. At the time of this writing, AMC was giving the lovely 404 page can not be found message for Walking Dead Merchandise.  Coincidence? I think not.  It does however lead my mind to wander how it happens? Will it happen like in the comic? HMMM Not seeing the censors liking that version. Will Dale finally give up his pleasant demeanor and just pistol whip his brains out? Or maybe he'll just drive off alone in to the sunset like he had planned? That would be a cop out in my opinion. I would have liked to see Rick leave his butt on the bus personally. Then see a zombie eat HIS face. SCORE! LOL nothing personal Jon Bernthal you're a great actor Shane is just a nimrod. OHH not to mention there have been leaks of Jon in talks to star in a drama series called L.A. Noir for TNT and he hasn't even left the show...hmmm?

          Had to edit before this was scheduled to be published on my blog, after some research I stumbled upon another major spoiler. So if you don't wanna know how Shane is rumored to bite it don't read this . In episode 12(this Sundays episode), Lori starts drama between Rick and Shane by saying if Rick had not come back to her they would still be together, making Shane wanna kill Rick.  She warns Rick Shane might try to kill him. Shane lures  Rick into the woods and pulls a gun to his head. Our fearless leader tries to convince Shane to go back to the farm which agitates him more.  Rick stabs Shane, Shane comes back as zombie, and Carl shoots him. Ya see censors didn't like a kid to do the killing of a human. Just a zombie. Tho I will give props to the writers for at least letting the original intended killer kill Shane.
        Ok  on to the 3rd and Final topic of this rant of mine. The best villain ever has been cast for season 3. As fans of the comics (even the novel), we have all waited for this moment to arrive. Who will be the GOVERNOR? DUN DUN's British actor David Morrissey.

While I am going to reserve judgement on the pick for this iconic menace, I just don't see it. This is the guy that's going to serve all that malice to our band of survivors? Does he look like he'd hurt Michonne? Or Rick? Or if you read the comics do half the crap he does? Guess I will just have to wait to see.

Who would I have like to see as the GOVERNOR? None other then bad prison guy himself  Danny Trejo....
Now that would get me uber psyched to tune into season 3! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go watch last nights episode.....


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