Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Going in a new direction

 Yes sir once again I have rearranged the way my room goes. Well, in all honesty, I didn't really have a say in where the placement was. My son was visiting and he put "his " room the way he wanted, bed under the window as you see here (view from door)...

Which caused me to arrange my room with what was left like so...LOL the above picture has the new bedding as this picture has the old...

 The boy has been accepted to in state colleges in New York so he  is thinking he will be going there so he said mom do whatever you want to the room. OKAY! so here's the new view when you walk in....I love it. Yes I may have to get up and walk around more but it totally fits my creative style.There is room for a guest to come be crafty with me and if I want to sew all I have to do is move the pens holders and instant room to sew without taking up the dining room table plus I still have a full size bed for whatever guests may come visit. All that's really left is to decide what wall  I want to paint purple!

Ohh wait no then all I need is for Santa to get me a dvd  and tv even in combo style and I may never leave this room! 

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