Saturday, March 3, 2012

Revisiting Kindergarten...or learning to color again

I am learning to play with a whole new medium...COPICS! Yes I know for all you awesome serious crafters  this is nothing new. I ,however, put off buying these for so long that this is a whole new adventure for me.  I have taking some basic classes at conventions but have yet to watch any tutorials on you tube or anything (which I may be starting soon).  I did want to share my first attempts though maybe get some thoughts....

This first picture I just had to share. I was over at the besties house after we took some classes to just mess around and I colored my elephant  and started to color my magnolia (bottom right). Her daughter Kiersten started to direct what colors I should use and then in true toddler fashion (she was 4 at the time) decided it would be better if she just did it herself. I mean come on now it so much easier to do it yourself then direct someone how to do it!
Then I got scolded because I forgot her nose and smile. LOL I mean how dare I ? And elephants have tusks ... I must have skipped that day at school too! She kills me ROFL! this will be a image I  will treasure forever. I can almost her her voice now saying Aunt Christina! at me sharing that story.

This series is just me playing with random images trying to get some blending and shadows down...

This is my attempt at people. Love these images from Simply Betty. She make goth seem so cute! I got these for Christmas from Bestie! Thanks Cynthia you can always make me smile bigger then the sun! I need to watch some hair coloring tutorials. 

No stamping would be complete without a zombie.  Yes Simply Betty makes awesome Zombie stamps! My heart is all a flutter....tried to add eyeliner however I think she just looks like she has a black eye!
 Then I got bold and played with a layered image....
Now I just need to make up some cards or other random fun stuff with these.  So for all you serious color masters out there any tips for me?
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