Friday, March 2, 2012

Rebel without a clue

And this boys and gurls is how I, Christina-who -hates-needles-with-a-passion, wound up with something I never in a million years thought I would do.....

When the thought of this came about I seriously thought the bestest was way she'd ask me to REALLY do this right? Well carrying on the joke I saw this on pintrest ( thanks guys).

 Anyway I showed it to her  and here is her direct comment.....

BFF tats! (two sisters got these. one says "i'll love you forever" and the other says "i'll like you for always".) The bestest and I have decided to get this done....I am excited!!

Well one having love and the other having like seemed one-sided so we changed it. So for a month I we laughed and played it off back and forth. Last Friday night she caught me in a I need out of this house or I am gonna scream mode and she said let's do it.  I said fine. VIOLA! I am now branded for life. LOL. I really must love this girl!

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