Thursday, March 8, 2012


Our first home renovation project. We decided we will start small and not over extend ourselves. We would start by painting the small weird shaped half bath.  Here is the standard beige the house came in bathroom....

And here is the new redroom , redroom bathroom.....

I  love it! I can't even claim I picked the color out. MY HUSBAND DID! Yup, he did good! While they say dark colors make a room smaller with the light ceiling and light fixtures it looks taller. Kinda like the elevator in the Haunted Mansion at Disney. So you aren't feeling all smooshed in.  We even picked out a new sink and mirror combo that we want in there.  I was still feeling like the house wasn't really mine yet. I have made payments, I have hung photos , but I think it took this drastic thing that I could not do in a rented or military house to make me feel like this is truly mine. I am finally HOME!

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