Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bridgett Strikes Back

Never in a galaxy far, far away did I think I would ever find a use for me to buy any of the Star Wars line of papers.
Then Bridgett came and showed me the error of my ways. She made made notepads out of Stampin Ups dvd cases for her hostess club gals, which bestie Cynthia is apart of. She inspired me to make my Christmas organizer. Then in the middle of putting the organizer together it came to me like a flash frozen Han in carbonite.  I can FINALLY BUY STAR WARS PAPER!  I flew my trusty Falcon to a local craft store and while the selection was limited I did find something and here is the results....
My absolute favorite paper was the laser cut Stormtrooper heads. I think I secretly long to belong to the dark side some days. I cut a row added some to the front and back of the dvd case and then cut some black cardstock mounted a small version of the paper on it and added it to the inside.

Ya that's the evil dark army staring you down...scared yet?

 and here is the inside with the pad added with the foil star wars paper decorating the top of the pad.

Now when ever I need to take notes I can strike fear into the heart of the people who think Star Wars is just a lame movie....That's right I am a girl that likes Star Wars....I am that geek....I wear it proudly!

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