Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, it's been an extremely busy few weeks in my house. I feel like I have been going nonstop...ok really I have since Chris went to the field and slightly before. We have decided on a few colors for the small bathroom and laundry room. I just hope we can pull of the vision LOL. I also got the news my son will be attending college in New York and while it makes me sad my son will never live with us again I have slight excitement over the fact the room is MY Official scrap/guest room now! I am trying to make plans for that but like I told the hubs it hasn't fully sunk in the house is MINE and I can hang on walls and do whatever I want to it.

        Needless to say not much crafting has been going on but I have been trying to learn to color with my copics when I can , which I will share the images shortly. There was some creativity going on in the form of cakes. Not my best work ever but I was trying to squeeze them in between getting hubby ready to go out to the field.

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