Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post Christmas bliss

 I like to plan for Christmas year round. Less stress on the wallet if I shop year round plus then if I see anything at really good prices I have extra cash to get it and put it in my gift area.

To stay on task I have a holiday planner. I found the print outs and idea over at Organized Christmas. It is a great resource for holiday planning. For a while now they have had pocket planner printouts  so you can make a mini version to carry with you in your purse instead of carrying a 3 ring binder with you everywhere.  I have put off making a mini one for years because I knew a paper one would just get trashed in my purse. Not sure if these have made waves over the internet yet , but I have seen people use Stampin Up dvd stamp cases to make a notepad holder. Then I had an idea I could use the case to make my own non easily trashed pocket planner!

Here it is...


When you open the case I have an envelope to hold any coupons I might need. You know the ones you collect from Bath and Body , Old Navy and other stores but you always seem to leave at home.  Then I have my Idea planner where I can write down gift ideas for people in my life.

The second page ,if you will, is gifts to make. If you are a crafter you know when you're in your craft store and genius hits. Then 2 months goes by and oops you forget.  Well this gives you a spot to write who ,what, supplies needed and when it was completed.  There is also internet catalog order pages for when you find that perfect gift on the net but don't buy it then and there. Well it has spots to jot down where,  item , when you ordered it and cost (there's even a spot to write down when you received it).

The last page is my gift closet inventory.  This is where you write down stuff you already have ready to be given. That way when you are in the store and you remember ohhhh no I forgot a gift for so and so. Get one then go home and realize you already had one. It will help avoid all confusion. And yes I do already have some gifts in my inventory. I also have an envelope for receipts so that they don't breed like rabbits in my purse. 

While making the pockets I was wondering how I was going to glue the back in because it needed to kind of slide with the opening and closing of the case. Then it came to me don't glue it! Why? It is the perfect spot to put purchased gift cards! I don't know about you , but I am always losing those little buggers.

Then just for fun I added some more 3 dimensional stickers in the back to complete the look.

So now I have a spot to keep all my holiday year round shopping corralled in one spot then when time allows I can transfer all the info into my big binder at home. I can not tell you how happy this little idea has made me. I am ready for Christmas 2012 BRING IT ON!


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