Sunday, January 22, 2012

The winter Wonderland I craved..sorta

If you haven't been watching the news Washington State was hit by a very big winter storm. I had read that the average snowfall here is about 2.19 inches a year so they are prepared for snow. It isn't a new thing ...HOWEVER.....we got about 6-10 inches depending on where you live.

See??? Doesn't it look lovely coming down?

This picture cracks me up solar lights as ice cream cones.

My van is under that stuff somewhere. I love this weather ,I really do.

While I found the snow enjoyable, what I failed to think of is this stuff melts and when it melts even slightly and the temps do not rise above 33 then you get ice. LOTS AND LOTS OF ICE.  This was coming off vehicles ...

the houses...

and the trees. This is what the trees look like normally

this is what they look like weighted down with all the snow and ice. That's a lot of weight on such big trees.
That is where the trouble began. You see we had icicles this big ...

and this thick 

on everything. It caused trees to break and cause accidents and road closures, and because it was on everything we lost power for for 24 hours and some places are still without it. The roads are still icy and the kids and husband have had an extra week of vacation because of this. I am not complaining at all. We had the best family night because of the power outage. We played board games by fire light until midnight and then had a lovely morning hanging out until the power came back on. While it may have not been perfect I can say I still love this weather.


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