Monday, January 23, 2012

I have a slight new obsession ...

in the form of this  


and this

I have read constantly about Doctor Who on another blog I read constantly. Miss snark herself, the scrappy jedi.  My friend Desiree has been after for me for months to watch it. One day while trying to decide on something to watch on netflix I made a command decision and put it on. I was hooked. While the family has been home due to that lovely storm we have wizzed through the first 4 seasons ( we did start before this week tho) of the new Doctor Who. ( For those who don't know this british tv show has been on since around 69 and stopped filming for 10 years in  1995  and resurfaced in 2005. 2005- present is considered the new one.)  Watching season 3 Jack the leader of Torchwood was introduced into the Dr plot and we realized Torchwood was a spin off.  SO we watched 2 episodes and I had to tell Chris NO got to finish Doctor Who first.  I have to say if you are a geek gurl like me and if you have not watched these shows. Hop on Netflix don't walk and enjoy the Doctor! 

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