Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Walking Dead has invaded the shelves

I saw a preview a few months back on the Daryl Dixon action figure from Macfarlane toys and at the time was not a huge fan of Daryl. So far this season he has grown on me.  I think he is a total asset to the group and I love that they have added squirrels to the figure. It just cracks me up!  Of course group one would not be complete with out our unsung hero Rick Grimes and as always the zombies themselves.  Lovin the one in purple LOL like you didn't guess that already right? 

On other Walking Dead news I finally got to read to The Rise of the Govenor! OHHHH wow I couldn't put it down ...even tho I had an inkling how it was gonna end and I was right.  But when put in the context of the comics the relationship between him and the girl has me a little icked out. I think they need to incorporate that into the show. Maybe as a flashback when they find the govenor after Michone gets done with  him? That would be a few episodes I would definately stay tuned for.  If you don't subscribe to AMC's news letter to get walking dead updates you should they have a preview if the first Feb. episode. And it just fueled my hate for that nimrod Shane! UGHHH! Stay Strong fellow Zombie Survivors Feb. will be here before we know it. Then we can all hate SHane together. Wussy!


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