Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011 .....

It's been busy busy in the ole houshold. With all that has been happening I just wanted to share a few of the happy pictures from Christmas this year.

Our the teeeny tiny apt that we had.......

The big kid with his cartoon ....oh sorry anime

Apparently the boy has wanted and wanted this one for some time now and he couldn't find it unless it came with the Wii in a bundle. Well Ry the ole mom came through.

Michelle was happy to torture her brother with this she still has yet to beat me at the game

Kyla's top game on her list...takes after mom this one does!

In case you are wondering I got a few goodies too...This laptop case....not harajuku but I still like it.

This book was in my stocking..It's about zombie stromtroopers..did you hear me ZOMBIE STORMTROOPERS! I can not wait to read it. I haven't had a chance to sit down and enjoy it.

Santa also brought me this cool Gorilla tripod... I can't wait to test it out when it stops raining

 Michelle got me an autographed copy of this..... funny cause I don't even read them but I love it.

Lets see Chris got me a hard drive, which was on my list, Kyla got me a dolphin made of glass , and I got 2 sweaters. Not a bad Christmas just too bad the very next day we statrted moving. And here it is Jan 7th and we still are not completely done. However I will be sharing pictures tomorrow of what the current state of the house is with all our furniture and stuff. Hope you guys had a nice holiday season.

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