Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The big reveal

One of the reasons my blog has been sorely neglected , other then the lack of inspiration , is I have been super busy. A few weeks ago when I was looking rather slummy I had run to Toys r Us to get a gift and asked the store manager if they were doing seasonal hiring yet. Well I got hired on the spot and have been working nights since. When I am not doing my normal everyday stuff I have been  searching my new time suck in the form of this lovely website....

But with great reason, see because on top of everything else we recently bought our very first home.....

We close before the end of the year and I have been researching for ideas on what to do with my house. I am so used to not being able to change anything where we live that I am finding my brain is shutting down when I think about what I want to do in our rooms.  So how about a grand tour ?

This is the view when you walk into the house...

Through that doorway on the right there where my guest bath on the left is ...

with my laundry off to the right....

the back door leads to the master ..

Master bath

closet door in on the left

Here is the living room blurry people we had just found out we got the house  LOL

My kitchen

Tiny back yard with retention pond in back

View from half way down the stairs

View from top of stairs

Hallway at top of stairs with linen closet, bathrooms on the left

Upstairs bath modeled by my lovely Cynthia LOL

Long hall upstairs

computer area upstairs

all 3 rooms upstairs have a walk in closet this size 
 Can you see why I am doing research now? I have no idea what I am gonna do with all that space LOL what do you think?

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