Monday, November 28, 2011

Walking Dead Spoiler

OK Yes I have an issue that is going to ruin the season if you haven't watched so far. The Walking Dead episode last night was the mid season finale. I guess no more episodes until after the holidays ????? 

    So this season so far has had some very on the edge of your seat moments. It also has had some serious secret keeping going on. Shane has steadily been losing his dang mind to put it mildy and when Glen told them about the walkers in the barn we all knew he'd be more then ticked. However to go against the man who has given you shelter and food by ripping open his barn and killing the zombies that were in there was a step across the edge. The second one if you include him giving Carl a gun . I knew that eventually they would find Sophia....I just didn't think they would find Sophia like this.....

And what has me on this tangent is Shane started the killing and shooting and when Sophia walked out he didn't have the gonads to pull the trigger. Once again even though Shane hates to follow Rick he left that play in Rick's hands. I am seriously hoping Shane has an accident real soon!

Rest assured fellow zombie fans and friends and family if you ever turn into a flesh eating zombie I promise to be the one to pull the trigger. I hope you would do the same for me please don't wait till I am munching on your face and leave it up to someone else. PLEASE!

Ok that being said I have some news to share and even 2 layouts I have done. Scary in and of itself.

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