Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Dead have returned

and I am missing it. Season 2 of AMCs The Walking Dead premires tonight and I sit here WITHOUT cable, dish, etc to watch. (I may seriously bust out some cash though if I see it's on hulu plus.)  Wallowing in self pity over the fact, I wanted to share something for people who may have missed it. 
Remember Bicycle Girl?

Well she's pretty iconic among the Walking Dead die hards. AMC did a series of webisodes on how she became a walker  crawler. They are pretty dark and had my heart racing in my chest going NO NO IDIOT DON'T DO IT! If you haven't seen them check them out here. Just a little tide over to the premire tonight.

In other Walking Dead news , ( said in my best Kermit the Frog voice) there has also been the release of an actual novel. In the graphic novels there is the quintisential bad guy called the govenor. He is one twisted soul. This is his story. I for one can not wait to read it. He was really whacked and I would love to know how he got there. I also read there is a video game in the works? Well I am not a gamer but I may just have to try that out.

On a side note , I saw that my zombie plan post got a lot of readers. SO apparently readers don't want to see the scrapbooking and crafting they want the undead. Not that I blame them LOL. 

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