Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Graduate

Ok it is sinking in fast. I am getting older FAST! Even my friends kids are starting to graduate. How did this happen? Especially when said graduate and I ACT the same age ok not really but we had some moments.  So meet Cassie(face)...

I found the 2011 paper online and just spritzed it up with some Smooch Spritz in Vanilla shimmer. Cass isn't overly feminine so I didn't want to add flowers in her school colors and somehow the whole skull and cross bones thing didn't think quite fit either so I settled on butterflies.  Nothing fancy or overdone and it befits the girl who like to argue with me over whether or not Nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas Movie.

On a side note...Welcome to September!
The holidays will be here before you know it and Cynthia and I Couldn't be happier.
She's already dabbling in Halloween decor and candy her favorite holiday.
I am trying to plan out Christmas. Not because it is my favorite holiday I just believe in being prepared. BRING IT ON!

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