Monday, August 29, 2011

I am a year older , but wouldn't say wiser.....

I just celebrated my 37th birthday this Saturday. Yep I say it loud , age is a state of mind. I had a really good day. Hubby made me breakfast while I made icing for my last cake class. Cynthia got it for me as a birthday present because she knows I have been wanting to take them forever. Then around 1 Cynthia headed over and when I opened the door I was greeted with this wonderful ,sweet bouquet...

and I mean sweet.That is all chocolate lollipops people! I got her addicted to them when I made them at Halloween but she went and made it into a hobby. I LURVE it! I see a sugar coma in my future.

At Cynthia's arrival I got to open my presents, the first one I opened were these....

Yes ! I had bought the first comic after seeing the TV show and really wanted to see what the books were like. HOLY CROW the season does NOT follow these books at all! Michelle got me issues 2 and 3 and using some birthday money from my parents and in laws I bought the 4th. I am trying to save the bulk of my cash for when I attend a CK convention in Nov. But I just couldn't resist.

Kyla got me a favorite that I always love, Bath and Body works. The added bonus was it was all Halloween stuff! My favorite holiday! She really does know her Mommy. She got me 2 hand soaps to decorate the bathrooms,  a soap topper in the shape of a spider,a hand sanitizer in sour drop and holder for my purse, lotion for me and a small one to carry in my purse.

When I went out to the comic store to go get my 4th comic I saw this in the case by the register..

Yup ,I squealed like a little kid at Christmas and bought it as well. I see some uber fun happening with my ice tray and some awesome drink coloring I got at Michael's.

I have always told my husband we don't need a Bluray player. DVD is just fine thank you. Until I learned that the Star Wars saga was coming out on Bluray. Then I told him I MIGHT consede. Well he got himself a Bluray player for his birthday so he got the other major gift on my list.

I won't have it in my geeky little hands until the 16th of September but knowing I have a set with my name on it makes me dance a little jig to the Max Rebo band. I can't wait.


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