Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends that play together

Remember that goodie mail I got awhile back and I had said I had already inked up the hula hoop girl?

I turned that image into a fun card for my friend Bridgett.

Again losing my crafting Mojo has not been in my best interest, but I still love how she turned out. I got to use my new Copics. Yes my very first ones. I can not believe I waited this long to get them. Now I hope the classes I will be taking in Nov shows me the full potential of these little beauties.

On a Brighter Note took Kyla to go get her one school shot she needed yesterday and her enrollment is now complete. She can start school next week.  I was utterly amazed at how scared she was over a shot but I was tickled too because she asked to hold my hand and hug me. I think my fear of needles has rubbed off on her. Good maybe it'll prevent her from getting tattooed.

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