Thursday, August 4, 2011

A full day of beauty

The day after we played at the beach we decided to go on a  nature hike to another botanical garden.
Just look at the places the hike took us along the Oregon coast.

Along these bluffs you could see seals coming out of the ocean to bask in the sun. However those pictures were a bit blurry as I had to use my long lens and my hands shake horribly and I didn't have a tripod.

I love the Pacific.....

After all the ocean beauty we made it to the garden where I fell in LOVE with the array of roses. I love the 2 tone of this one.

and these. These were by far my favorite ones.
I started playing with the settings on my point and shoot and I have always loved peach roses so of course I got some shots of those.

As we were leaving I caught a glimpse of these.

Man if I didn't kill every plant I cam into contact with I surely would be planting some roses bushes when I finally got a house.

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