Friday, August 5, 2011

Bite of Seattle

Our second weekend here was spent heading up to Seattle for a taste of Seattle festival. The cool part was it was right by the space needle. Even though we didn't take the time to see it up close and personal. I can not wait to go back! I even won a gift card off facebook to one of the featured restaurants.

Of course we went with our long lost friends ...The Mainvilles. We missed them so much! Though she may not be happy at seeing this picture of her up here.

This was a really cool fountain we ate lunch by and the kids ran around tempting fate on getting wet even though it was cold outside.

Kierstn Loved running Michelle up and down the side of the fountain. Michelle was exhausted on the way home LOL.

 Lucas just did his own thing but wound up under the water getting sprayed in the head.

This was a first good day trip here in Washington. I can not wait to go exploring the area some more.

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