Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Girl

This past Saturday was Kyla's 12th Birthday. When asked what she wanted to do she said I want to go to the zoo. So off we go to find this....

 Before we headed off though kyla got to open her present from mom and dad. ...

I would like to say thanks to the incident at Fort Hood, my belief that kids should not have a cell phone before 15 was shattered. The girls will be going to 2 different schools this year and so I felt it is a needed item for my kids. Not to mention everything else Kyla has had happen to her last year. Ok moving on from that...

I will spare you the pictures of all the animals however I finally got a family picture I like ...Thank You Cynthia!

We were joined of course by our best pals the Mainvilles ( She hates when I put up pictures of her.) But I do it out of love I promise! I know I know 2%...

Then the family went off to rest while I went to my cake decorating class Cynthia got me for my birthday. And see, in all the running around THAT I forgot to take a picture of.....{sigh} Then we took Kyla to eat in her favorite restaurant the Outback, where she opened her presents and got some free ice cream.

Our waitress didn't want to embarass her so she told Kyla we won't do any loud clapping or carrying on. Then Lucas, who is 3, saw the candle started a round of Happy Birthday which we all joined in laughing hysterically. Awesome!

At home Kyla requested a red heart shaped red velvet cake. That wish was granted!

Happy Birthday Kyla!

I really hoped you enjoyed the day!


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