Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Touring Denver Day 1

When we finally got into Denver, we decided to head to the downtown aquarium first. This was just a photo op too great to pass up.

I have never seen a fish that huge. ....Bigger then an ADULT stingray!

Ok this was just cool looking!

At the aquarium there is a sting ray tank where you can pet and feed them. I have always found sting rays to be quite graceful and wondrous.

When it came time to feed the stingrays Kyla just jumped right in , but Michelle showed some apprehension about sticking her hand under a stingray...

You can see me here in the turquoise shirt trying to talk her into feeding them telling her they won't hurt her and it was fine and easy even.

Chris at this point decided to come over my shoulder to take pictures of me feeding them fish. In this picture you can see the stingray hugging the wall of the tank looking up at me because I had just fed it. I was turned talking to Michelle asking her if she wanted to try it holding a fish out to her....

lol see the splashes?

What Chris didn't capture was when I turned around to feed the fish to the sting ray again it was (no kidding) 2/3 out of the tank hovering next to me and the scream that radiated out of my mouth and carried across the aquarium. The splashes were so high it got all over the front of me....

so for the rest of the day I smelled like fishy water. Never let it be said we are boring because whoo did we give people something to talk about for quite some time.

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