Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It was interesting to say the least...

 The picture says it all doesn't it? This is from one of the stops we made on a whim because my daughter saw a sign for Billy the kids grave.  She started squeaking at me to stop so we turned around and walked into the museum that was there first. The 2 headed calf was just one of the things kids found cool.

This is something I found cool ...

I have always enjoyed those movies and to see autographed copies of the scripts and props and see the area it was filmed was truly a highlight. At this point I was glad we stopped. Thank You Michelle.

We headed out to the small cemetary and I took these for a friend of mine who is fascinated with old head stones. I have to say seeing just how old they were was pretty neat.

Finally we got to what we stopped for..

The weird thing is that wasn't the original head stone. This is ...

The reason they made a new one and stuck them all behind bars is because people kept taking the stone. Seems like an odd thing to do but people do weird things lol.

Update: We are FINALLY unpacked. Now we are just waiting for the movers to come and check out damages and pick up the boxes. We have settled in and now it's time to think about enrolling the kids in school and so far we are loving the area!


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