Friday, July 29, 2011

Denver Day 2

I can't say I have ever really been to a botanical garden but I am glad to make Denver the first. As we walked in the cactus wall amazed me. I have never seen cacti in the shape of flowers. GORGEOUS!

As luck would have it, the gardens was also hosting a Bonsai tree competition. You would look around an vote for your favorites. I took pictures of my favorites. In fact , I wonder who won????? Hmm (note to self call brother and ask if he knows)

My kids just love to pose for their mom in the Japanese Garden.

This was cool they took a tree ,added some huge metal dragonflies , and VIOLA! cool art!

This is why I love my brother Ector LOL . I just said Dude pose like the statue. He just ran over and did it. No questions asked. He makes me laugh.

This is from the scripture garden ...Very pretty.

Of course there was the purple flowers. I had to snap a picture of those.
I can not wait to scrapbook these.

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