Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been almost a month...

since anyone has heard from me last. But here is the latest on what's going on. Since the last posting We have also visited Wyoming, Yellowstone, Montana, and Oregon. We have arrived at our destination of Washington and had to find a temporary home in an apartment. This will be home for the next 9 months until ... 1 we get on post housing or 2 we decide we really like it here and we decide to either rent or buy.

For now we are living looking at a bare place with just internet because we have no yet received our household goods. This means eating off paper plates, not having all our cooking essentials and sitting/ sleeping on the floor. This adds up to very cranky teens who are used to having everything at their disposal when they are not traveling. The other thing they are not happy about....the apt is not set for them to have cable in their rooms......OHHHH the drama that caused let me tell you.

SO for now I am hoping to spend some time catching up with everything we have done on our trip , but I already have already been super busy here. The first was getting the apt , and setting up everything such as food. During the week I had broncitis and have been coughing up lungs and wondering how one nose can hold that much gunk. This weekend I have a scrapbook convention in Pullyaup with Cynthia followed by a night of Phase 10 and then Sunday is the Comcast Bite of Seattle. Music, fun and food vendors GALORE! Housing goods are SUPPOSED to be delivered Mon. ( this is a gamble as any military family will tell you) Then begins the unpacking and the where the heck am I going to put all this stuff puzzle.

Wish me luck!


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