Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tour of Denver Day 3

One of the first things you see when you go into the zoo are polar bears. The way they have viewing areas you get really up close and personal to some pretty big animals.

This guy was walking around and came right up to the glass.

I got a kick out of the how do you measure up, and my husband at 6'3" is looking up at the Polar bear. Now he knows how I feel.

This one cracks me up. At 5'4" I am taller then my brother. Seeing him  come up to a polars armpit  coupled with that grin just made me roll with laughter.

Dori and Marvin (?) , Nemo's Dad . I know People always say Dori and Nemo but I think its unfair because it was his dad that took the journey. ... ya ya I know totally off topic but I think the dad deserves some props.

Looking at the wolves

Peacocks were running around free..

My brother and his roommate knocking waiting for the kids to move so they could play bongos too.

This day was super fun as that night when we went home we pulled out some bouncy balls. 7 to be exact and had a bouncy ball "room toss". We closed the doors to rooms and on the hard wood floors and walls we bounced the balls all over the room and chased after them. That was the best night ever according to Kyla who shares her dad's love of bouncy balls. I have a bucket full in the bathroom for playtime. This just cemented Uncle Ector's status of the super fun uncle. We wound up losing a ball in the battle and I was informed just recently it was found. Guess we can let them keep it as a souvenir from our time there.

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