Monday, May 9, 2011

Something a bit off the beaten path ....

disaster even struck while on hiatus. Look at my phone....While I loved the idea of touch screens, I just knew this was unavoidable. I am rough on phones I know that, but the sad part is I was really taking care of it. It fell out of my pocket and fell face first on the pavement. I cried and cried. Ok not really , but I just know I will never hear the end of it from Chris.~ Sigh~

Quick story ...anyone who frequents my blog knows I love purple. I also love sunflowers. My kitchen/dining area has been sunflowers for as long as I can remember because, well purple kitchen appliances and cookware are recent developments. When they did start coming out though I was frustrated. I had already spent a small fortune getting things I loved for my kitchen and the only thing out to match purple was grapes. Nope ,did not wanna go that route. So I kept my sunflowers. Then of all places wal mart was my inspiration in the form of fabric combining my color and what I already had, So part of what I did when I wasn't posting was to make a set of six of these for my table....
and this for my window....the valance,not the stained glass. That was made my beautiful friend Cynthia.
I am over joyed that I can keep yellows and greens for my table but go purple in my kitchen! Best thing I can do since I can't paint walls. Thank You Wal Mart kind of restored my faith in you.
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