Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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I know I have been talking a lot about Tuesday Morning lately. So I wanted to share with you just an example of what you can find there and the insane prices. This particular trip I found some luscious ribbon (retails about $5 a package), a large branch punch (retails from $14-$18 ), a huge pack of American Crafts remarks alpha stickers (retails at Hobby Lobby for $8), Package of American Crafts homemade stickers (retail $5-$8) and yes I found Star Wars mini Lunch boxes (retails for no joke about $4).

If you can enlarge the picture do so and check out the price stickers for yourself. I paid just $4.99 for the punch, $2.99 for the ribbon, $2.99 for the alphas, $1.99 for the stickers and a whopping .99 cents for my beloved lunch tins. That's just $14.94! That's the price of the punch retail! I have even seen a bind it all for $45 and ott lights (?) for like half of what I have seen them at Hobby Lobby. If you haven't check to see if you have a local Tuesday Morning I highly recommend you check them out. And it isn't just a craft store. I would compare it to Big Lots, with better quality items because they are not this years new home decor items. Worth the look,this has become one of my all time favorite stores.

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