Sunday, May 1, 2011

Issues much?

I know I have had frequent bouts of absences here lately. I have had Ryan here ( he left Tuesday) , had internet issues, and if you are new to this blog this won't surprise you , and knee issues again. Yes knee AGAIN! After 8 hours of walking and swimming at Sea World while Ryan was here my knee swelled so bad that it was very difficult to bend and walk. Needless to say I have been very stationary.
I will not go to the doc right now because (and military wives you will understand this) we just got orders to Fort Lewis, Wa . We leave in a month. If you think getting referrals are bad in the civilian world it can take about 6 months to get anything scheduled with army running the show. For arguements sake let's say my knee is bad enough they rush things. I have known since I was 25 that I will need knee surgery. My knees were jacked up from all the car accidents, cheering and work related incidents. It is unavoidable. They said it was a one time deal so hold of as long as you can. Well I now know that isn't true but I have to wait until I go to Washington because I have to drive a vehicle up to Lewis.
Enough of my medical issues and on to better things. I promise in my absences I have been crafting, I just had to upload the pictures. And well get a private moment to upload things on blogger! So here is something I did on one of my away stints.....

I bit the bullet and tried working with chain and ohh my I could not be happier how that necklace turned out. I was shocked however that as I finished it I had just met a new friend and she offered to buy it. It is no longer in my possession. I even had the earrings to match....

OHH that was a fun one to work on. Even though beading is not my main hobby I enjoy doing it when I find beads that scream at me to make something with them.
Sidenote Jeannie right before I made this I completed your dice/ Vegas bracelet for you. I just need to mail it !

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