Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lazy birthday day

Just so everyone is aware I loved the Love, Elsie lines when they were out. I was on a spending freeze and I couldn't justify what I would need them for seeing as they were mostly themed for things I didn't have to scrap yet(ie nature, travel, etc ). Then I found the store Tuesday Morning and hit the lottery. They had Love Elsie for a mere 3.99 for 4 , YES 4 , packages of embellishments! That's like finding this stuff in the dollar section at Target!
This also happened to around the time I was wondering how I was going to scrap our visit to Guadalupe river for dd's birthday weekend. At this point my Tahitian paper pack is pretty darn thin. So without further rambling here is what I did with said embellishments. ..

Yup I have to say I am still very much twitterpatted with Love, Elsie.

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