Sunday, February 6, 2011

ohh Fort Hood How I love thee...

I can say without a doubt I did not burn any cookies! LOL. The cold front that moved in was interesting to say the least because we wound up with maybe a inch of snow. You might be thinking an inch of snow ..ohhhhh noooo . Well here in central Texas apparently that is cause for alarm because all of Fort Hood closed down. Texas even declared a state of emergency! It was crazy. I mean an inch of snow!?! I had forgotten how unprepared for cold weather my home state is. I have been away for far too long.

On to the next so here is Michelle's first Fort Hood 4th of July celebration.

I have had that tag in my stash no joke for about 5 years. I loved it and had no idea what I was saving it for. I think I always passed it up because it wasn't red white and blue. I must have been in a non traditional mood this day because it fit into this perfectly. I am so very happy I went this route.

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