Sunday, February 6, 2011

and Fall emerges

This is another example of me hording supplies I loved and not using them. I loved the Making Memories spellbound line. My dear friend Cynthia sent me most of it for my birthday back in 2008. ( This was before I knew I would be caught up with all my pictures so soon.) I held on to it like it was gold. As I approached doing the few 2008 2009 pages I bit the bullet and here ya go...
Close up of the first page..

Isn't that pattern paper adorable? I also really loved that Halloween sticker. My favorite find though was the skull printed flower.

Up close of page 2....
This is what I was hoarding. I loved the epoxy stickers and buttons and the bracket and small bat tag were clear self sticking transparency thingys (yup that's the technical term). I just had a serious case of what if I need it one day? I am proudly overcoming that issue. I realized with so few pages left

  1. my kids are getting older and aren't going to be trick or treating much longer. I will never use all the items I was holding onto dear life for.
  2. The defining a-ha moment was when Halloween 2010 hit and I was looking through a magazine...they release new lines every year right? very cute ones I might add. It really made me think if I want to get new current stuff would it not be better to stop hoarding the old, use what I love then when it is time to scrap the new year I can just buy what I really love for the pages I need to currently do?
Chris was very shocked at this because it meant that he would actually be saving money this way. Buy one or 2 pattern papers and embellishments at a time for stuff I am working on what a novel idea. I do have them occasionally.

Happy Monday and enjoy the week!
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