Monday, February 7, 2011

Sugar loaded hay day

My kids have had an easy bake oven forever. They love to bake things and then force mom and dad to try them. I wanted to capture one of those moments and one winter day actually asked them to make me some cookies. They were in shock, really mom you WANT us to? (if you have kids you know the tone and look of what is mom on that my kids were shooting my way.)

Not sure what it is about this page that I adore so. My kids looking like they were getting along? The fun DCWV pattern paper so sweet it gives you a toothache? I just know I think it's loverly.

On the military front....bit of good luck. We are no longer in fenced in unit. We are pending assignment. However looks like Germany isn't going to's a toss up between Ft. Lewis in Washington state and Ft. Drum in New York.

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