Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hearts with attitude

Wow half way through the first month of the year! I am astonished at how fast it went but then again busy does that to you. I hope if you make resolutions you are keeping them alive and well. I don't really mess with them...but I am happy to say I remember now what the gym looks and feels like. My husband has been giving me grief over my sore muscles waddle. I love it though makes me feel like something is getting accomplished.

So right before the craziness of Christmas a friend of mine decided she wanted to try an online shop and asked me to make some items for her. Well I didn't have a lot of time to whip things up then, but I did make these kids Valentine's for her shop recently....

Is it really hard for you to come up with kids class Valentine's as a crafter? You want something cute that can be used for both sexes but you just know it's winding up in the trash. Is that just the "thrifty"side of me coming out? The paranoia? I swear some days I think I need therapy.

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