Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year...a bit late

Man 2010 ended hectic and 2011 has started off just as bad ..all my doing of course. After the holidays I have had guest here at the house daily because my friends went through scrapping withdrawal, my family came for a short visit, and the days I don't have guests I am running around the house on a major organizing kick.

Already my craft room looks better just by buying cd boxes, paper holders and a simple bin. The stuff I need to keep, all tucked away nicely in boxes but accessible. I am going to start in my living room soon and there is no hope for my kitchen...well ok I am sure there is about I just don't wanna go there yet?

Anyway, to get back to sharing my scrap pages oldest daughter wanted to try karate and to my surprise loved it. I made this page mostly girlie with some attitude and I even used my Cricut for the die cuts. This is one of my husbands favorite pages. he says it reminds him of a comic LOL.

A bit of news on the military front.....we found out they still had my daughter on EFMP for speech therapy she had when she was 3. We had removed her several times but it kept coming up. We trotted down to the hospital to get to the bottom of it and they had her as Mitchelle. NO wonder no one was removing her off the dang profile. All paper work we handed in to remove her had Michelle not Mitchelle. Come to find out this could be what was holding up pending orders for our next assignment and could have been effecting my husbands promotion, because not only was her name spelled wrong they still had us living in GERMANY! Love military efficiency. And my husbands lack of awareness. So after a talk with our Branch Manager (the guy who handles our life so to speak) we find out that every place on our wish list to go has need of his MOS. SO we actually look forward to getting orders this time. (JEANNIE ....Germany has also reopened up for us..Vilseck) Now we wait with everything crossed to see what comes our way. I can't wait to find out.

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