Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas recap

I have been fighting Christmas cooties since December 23rd. I was sick the entire time for my Father in laws visit and needless to say he took home a very not so nice parting gift from us. I would like to thank the visiting National Guard unit who brought my husband a FANTASTIC holiday gift. So as I sit here drinking my hot teas from my pretty Italian mug...
(Thank You Jeannie!)

I thought I would share what I got gifted to me for Christmas...people ask ,so I share.

First I got a package all the way from Italy with instructions not to open it until Christmas. So I waited. Well see what happens when I open some of my gifts in front of my family and they see European goodies....
They got into them before I could even take a picture. I might get to have some soon...if I hide it.

Santa was listening to me when I said I didn't like using my computer to listen to music on. He brought me a new stereo with iPOD deck! It even has a cassette player...that gave me a laugh. I don't think we have ANY cassettes in the house.
I took the picture at an angle to show off my cool LED lights I scored at Target 50% off. I wish I had more but I snagged the last box.

Hubby got me something I was begging for .....
Don't misunderstand, I ♥♥♥♥ my SLR. However it's so big that I do not carry it with me everywhere. I am often finding myself wishing I had a camera with me because_______ would make a perfect picture. This one is awesome water resistant up to 16 feet . No worries about getting it wet and shock proof from 5 feet, so when my kids are being the little imps they are capable of being, I don't have to worry if they knock it out of my hands.

Kyla got me my only girlie gift this year....
not quite sure what the anti- stress thing is about....think she's trying to clue me in?

Michelle, my belle, got me.......
NO MORE WATCHING ON VHS! The discs include both the theatrical version and redone version plus bonus features. HEAVEN! I am sad to report that this is the ONLY Star Wars gift I got though.

I have been in an 80s movie mode here recently. Tootsie, Footloose, Caddyshack so I was thrilled to see Mr. Mom in my stocking along with my favorite peppermints.
My older brother , who shares my love of Star Wars and whom I was sure would come through for me , got me this fun toy....

switching Cartridges in the Cricut just became a lot easier. I have been using my Cricut more just not for me. My friend who recently got into scrapbooking is using it all the time LOL.

Ryan didn't get come for the holidays so he sent us all gift cards to Amazon , which I used to order Bazzill cardstock because I have been laughed at because of my meager supply. I can proudly say though that I stuck through my spending freeze to use up all my supplies until I caught up on my pages. I have gone through my room purged and condensed and I can honestly say it wasn't that I had a lot of supplies they were just spread out and nothing was in one spot. Anyway I also got me some Tim Holtz embossing plates and a magazine subscription.

My parents sent me money as well, but I haven't done anything with it yet. And my friend Cynthia sent me a beautiful necklace that is engraved with her nickname for me.

That about covers it all. I hope your holiday was awesome and tell me what did you get?
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