Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little geek love

Recently we headed up to Austin to do a bit of Christmas shopping and looking around I am noticing Star Wars things pop up EVERYWHERE! So being the Geek I am I took a few photos of my favorites.

I love these mini lunch boxes. These would be perfect to hold small embellishments in my scrap room as well. Not sure how well these would mesh with my purple but my ♥ would skip a ♪♫ every time I look at them.
even more pretty boxes to hold stuff in. That lunch box is mini mini but still in love with it I am.

Oh then there was this bit of frazzled excitement when I paid my cell bill. They have released a R2-D2 droid phone exclusive to Verizon! I was so excited to see this I sent a text to my husband at work to share the news. (I never text him at work. I never know what he's up to.) Now this is the ONLY thing I have at the top of my list for Christmas.

I have saved the cutest for last. Build a Bear recently released this cute little numbered limited edition guy....

Ohh yes he is mine! He sits a top my computer desk looking down on me. Better yet he is also decked out with a Star Wars theme song sound! I let my kids do the birth certificate and look what they added at the prompting of my husband...

I am now Jedi Master with a Build a Bear padawan !(Forgive me if that's spelled wrong I have never read any of the Star Wars books. I want to but.... going into the book store and seeing this and not knowing where to start is kinda daunting.)

Yup this family so gets me.

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