Sunday, October 17, 2010

52 blessings -41 & 42

I have been told time and again I have the paitience of a saint. There are times when people find it aggrevating. At certains times like this last week when everything is trying me and pulling me in every direction possible, it is a TREMENDOUS blessing. Without patience I would have jumped the gun told several people where to go and others would have felt my wrath. See the Lord knew what he was doing when he handed me that heaping helping of patience.

The second blessing this week is for hope. I have hope that all these bad sitations we are facing in my family right now will be resolved. Yes I have had to be a heavy with my kids in this stressful time adding to their pressures, but I know they will also get past this. Hope keeps us all going. Hope is a blessing the Lord has given us to see past all the evil in the world to the beauty it holds.


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