Sunday, September 19, 2010

They say the mind is the first thing to go

So sitting here I realized in all my hectic pace I never shared any before or after pics of my brothers wedding. I didn't get some of the actual ceremony as the Vegas Chapels do not allow you to have cameras there. But that's ok I will get some eventually.
I wasn't with the bride, whom at this point I haven't even met yet, but I got pictures of the groom getting ready and I mean come on there are hardly ever pictures of the groom getting ready.

Yup this is my goofy baby brother and the groom.
Dad tying the grooms tie! I thought this was so sweet.

And this is what my brother was doing before the wedding! Playing Xbox. You'd think he'd have something else to do.

This is the older of my younger brothers and his girlfriend. I actually know her. They have been dating for 8 years. Had to ask him when he was finally gonna break down and marry her. I don't think I ever got a reply.

The grooms men.

My new sister-in-law and brother.
The cute little cupcakes mom got for the reception.

The bride and her bridesmaids and friends.I took the picture so I am not in it!

Dad and Mom. Ya That's me in the background hoping I wasn't caught in that picture. No such luck!
I just had to share this. On the way to my plane to come back home I walked pass these little beauties......
inner geek heaven I tell you. They were only penny slots and I was doing good...til Darth Vader came and swiped all my money. See even if the Dark Side has cookies they take all your money!

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