Friday, July 16, 2010

My purple passion

Awhile back Bridgett gave me the idea to see how many types of purple cars I could find on the net. Can I just say it's harder then it sounds? While I found some good ones I couldn't save the pics to share with you guys. Good ole Flikr! So here's a few I did find and save.Isn't this the sweetest VW van you ever saw?

Then there's the bug...wonder if I can go punch my husband for me finding the picture? Is that against the rules?

No Idea what kind of car it is but me likey!

{SQUEAL!} a purple Ferrari.. now I just need Vin Diesel driving it!

Lamborghini still my heart.

I found a ton of retro cars in purple but I just wanted something fast and fun. It's more a me thing!
Go forth and color the world beautiful! Happy Saturday!

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