Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happens when your husband gets bored...

Ok I admit it is started with me Thursday night. We had asked our daughters if they wanted change in their rooms. My oldest just wanted to re-arrange her room, ok done. Friday we decrappifyied and rearranged youngest daughters room. THAT my friends was an all day/evening thing. Well, we had been talking about getting a longer cable cord for sometime now to put our living room back the way we had it when we first moved in, not in a small dining room section like we had it.

See in the area it was in we didn't have room for the love seat and that was placed in our bedroom. Well I made him pick up the cord Sunday because my oldest DD is blessed with daddy's height and had out grown her twin bed. So we were out purchasing her a full. He got bored and said let's do the living room now. I begged and pleaded for him to wait... nope he was bored we are doing it now. So off we go to rearrange furniture and clean. We move the love seat downstairs.

This leaves a BIG open area in our room . Guess what happens? Needless to say we had a huge domino effect and we have now re-arranged and decrappified every room in this house. My oldest daughter has moved into the room she always wanted and we have an empty room folks.

So the house is done .With one exception and it's the big one..my craft room. I have been trying to decrappify this space for a couple weeks now and everyone keeps making me do other stuff. This is my goal this week get my room done! So pardon me if blogging is sporadic. I am tryint o simplify life!

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