Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before and after!

So a few people have asked me to share before and after pics of my house so I figured I may as well.... so here is my before and after pics. First my living room... before the move here is the dining area..

and the big part of the living room. room

the dining area...after
no before of this but this is Ryan's room
The TV room before and Michelle's room before....Michelle's new room in the TV room... yes I know it very white right now but her new bed got delivered way before I was expecting and so I am just using what's around the house for now.

Kyla's room before...Kyla's room after...
she didn't make her

My bedroom before...bedroom now...

So now you know what the 2 days of moving was all about. We're pretty happy about it and now just need to finish my craft room. UGH!
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