Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in the saddle

Man the week since Mother's day has been a blur. I can't even say I have done anything interesting. Seriously The week flew by. With good intentions I meant to blog and just never sat to do it. Thank you to those who checked on me. I am good , no one needs to be beat up (JEANNIE! LOL!) , nor have I given up blogging. What can I say Life happened!

I didn't get around to doing a colorQ challenge card this week. I had intentions of that as well and then bam Migraine! On the bright side I have gotten around 10 pages in Kyla's album done. I am excited I seem to be getting closer and closer to being caught up! So I will share one of those with you today since I lack anything else!

I love these pictures, because it is my husbands unit honoring my then 7 year old for starting a drive called color our world. She was sad daddy had to be in Iraq and even sadder that all he had to give the kids were candy. She wanted to start a toy drive, but shipping would have been EXPENSIVE so instead she asked for coloring books and crayons. She received a lot of donations and we sent them to dad to hand out to the kids. I couldn't have been more proud of her!
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