Saturday, May 15, 2010

52 Blessings-20

Birthday blessings to 2 men in my life this week.
My older brother who is a blessing because he taught me how to handles other peoples not so nice opinions of me. He taught me how to be vigilant. He was always trying hard to scare me,came up with some pretty inventive ways to do it too. He also taught me to handle some pretty disgusting smells too. Let's just say I can not stand the smell of beef jerky amongst other things. He taught me not to take it all so seriously.

My dad. Who taught me to think for myself, how to argue like it's no one's business, and how to laugh. Laughter is big in our family. He taught me that in reality it isn't what people think of you that matters it's what you think of yourself and family will always be there no matter what. I hope you guys had wonderful birthdays! and just because I am not allowed to share pics of my dad I will share one of the card I made him. Made one for Eddie too but forgot to take one. UGH!

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