Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And in this corner....

Ok I am literally weighing in on this debate. Certain TV conglomerates have refused to show this ad. They say it is too racy. Ok they say too racy for family hour. These are the same stations that run Victoria's secret commercials during that hour. Also what about the new Reebok shoe commercial where there is a butt in your face the whole time? I didn't even know it was a shoe commercial first time I saw it. Do I think it's biased? I do. I have heard arguments that its because with curvy women you get more breast. What are you serious? Have you guys even seen the push up bra commercials?
I mean for a "big" girl she looks hot. I am a big girl too but let me tell you my body looks nothing like that. In my dreams maybe...but that's the point of advertising.Why can't bigger people be part of this ad game too? It's realistic and would defintely give people better body image and strive to look healthy. Watch the ad and weigh in your opinion. I am curious of what people think.

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